How To Delete Slack Messages and Files

Delete Slack Messages At One Time Bulk

Slack has become a communication tool that gains more importance in the period of change of the working life we live in 2020.
Now that we adapt to remote working life and gossip in the office during the day via Slack, the remote working life has given us a hard time due to misunderstandings of the messages or sending to the wrong people.

Although companies have been in their difficult times in 2020, a lot of startups started to draw attention and this created new business opportunities for us.
However, one of the first steps in the process of leaving the job was how we could delete Slack Messages in order to "leave no trace" as these rumors are being made on Slack.

It will be one of those which will puzzle your mind in this process, such as who you talked to on Slack and whether you will need these conversations later.

For this reason, we have developed a tool for you in which you can easily delete your Slack messages while backing up and downloading all your messages on your computer only with a single click: Message Bender.

While Message Bender allows you to easily determine with whom or on which channels you will delete your conversations, which files you will leave and which to destroy; it also offers you the opportunity to provide a backup of deleted content for your computer.