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Top 3 Slack Apps For Designers

We create beautiful UIs for our customer. We search for the great idea, looking for a tip to follow the creative path. As a designer you put all of your focus on creativity and you rock it! You create mockups, sample outputs, and send to your customer or project manager to get approved. And you just need to wait to do your next task, or waits for meaningless feedbacks such as “I do not like that color” or “Can you move that to a little right?”.

And we understand you, you want to move on. With these awesome Slack apps you will just get your feedbacks right back and you can just move on ! It’s important to make your customer be part of the process using Slack. So you do not have to wait for email responses !

So let’s focus on which Slack apps could help us go through to final design really fast !

InVision App

With InVision app, you make sure your team is updated with your new designs and retouches ! InVision app provides these features;

  • Push prototype activity like status changes or new comments to a channel, you get the final thoughts really quick !
  • Share individual screens in a channel, so you make sure you work on multiple tasks !
  • Automatically push screen status changes, the addition of new collaborators, the viewing of share links, and more to your channel which is awesome !
  • Launch Craft Freehand from Sketch or PSD using your initial, live design files to validate and get feedback on your ideas

Adobe Creative Cloud

I’m more of a Sketch guy but in my personal development/design machines I have Adobe Products installed, because I just like the way Adobe works! Integrations with all Adobe products is just helpful to get the results quick. And using Adobe with Slack is just (I’m not going to cry!) so easy. So how about it’s features ? Here are they.

  • Share the assets saved in Creative Cloud storage into any channels private messages
  • Get notified when comments are made on XD prototypes and design specs
  • Add your teammates to your private XD prototypes

You are going to love this. We know you are searching for some ideas on the popular web sites and we know you would like to see any tips in your Slack !

This Product Design tips Slack app collects fresh collection from Dribbble and Behance. And you can just start really quick conversations with your teammates really quick about the design ideas !

These are the top 3 Slack apps for designers we noticed so far. And as you know there are a lot more in Slack App Directory.