How To Delete Slack Messages and Files

Top 3 Slack Apps For Developers

We, developers are mostly focus on our todos and sprints on our daily basis. And Slack is just a great tool to handle both tasks and fun stuff !

I will not use any fancy words just let’s get to Top 10 Slack apps for Developers.


Top 3 Slack Apps

I do not know if I need to explain why Github Integration for Slack is just piece of diamond. (I’m not sure if this is a expression :) ). But I want to point out some features of Github integration for Slack,

  • New Commits : So you know who is plaint a bomb in your code base.
  • New pull requests : If you want to be friendly you need to be quick checking on pull requests. You will be a rock start in your office, you know what I mean.
  • New issues : Reasons to hate your tester friends.
  • Code reviews : No comment, just a way to communicate with developers.

And you know what, you can even take action in your Slack with just using /github action resource for;

  • Close an issue or pull request : You will be a rising star!
  • Reopen an issue or pull request : If you want to have haters
  • Open a new issue using a Slack dialog : No. You will not use this feature!



I know, it is not about development. But the main problem in modern development teams is not reacting in a proper way. If your tester creates an issue on your project you can’t show your finger at his/her face. This would be just rude ! Instead reply with a meme or random gif ! If you want to reply with gif just type /giphy slap in your face . So your teammate get the idea but the gif will make them smile!

Asana / Clickup / Trello

Whichever you are using. Trello, Asana, and Clickup integrations will help to catch with your team and your tasks. So you do not have to worry about what is next with your team.